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Building a sustainable future

We are a global business of people and brands with a clear purpose. We believe the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. It is the vision at the heart of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan - one where the planet is healthy, people and pets are thriving, and society is inclusive.

With the increasing impacts of climate change, the pandemic and social injustice, we are as committed as ever to the critical actions needed to tackle the environmental and societal threats we face through science-based actions and in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are transforming the way we work – from how we source raw materials like palm oil and cocoa, to how we fish the oceans for our pet food ingredients – to ensure every part of our operations and extended supply chains help people and the planet thrive. At the same time, we recognize that fixing these issues is a generational challenge, which is why we are building lasting partnerships with NGOs, governments and industry, to help transform the systems that have made issues like climate change or limited incomes for smallholder farmers so pervasive and intractable.

This is a critical moment and we are working to ensure that Mars is a positive force in the world for years to come.

Our plan is built on what is RIGHT, not what is easy—it is science-based and in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Barry Parkin, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer

Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer Barry Parkin discusses the importance of the Mars Sustainable in a Generation Plan and how we are as committed as ever to the critical actions needed to tackle environmental and societal threats.

Our Sustainable in a Generation Plan

Since we launched the multi-billion dollar Mars Sustainable in a Generation Plan in 2017, we have made progress to transform how we do business. We’re working to improve the lives of people in communities where we source materials, as well as the lives of our Associates, customers and pets. Facing unprecedented challenges created during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Associates and business quickly shifted to new ways of working toward our ambitious, science-based goals.

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2020 Scorecard

See our progress as we work toward our ambitions and address these generational challenges. Download the PDF of our latest scorecard. 

Healthy Planet
Healthy Planet

How we’re reducing our environmental footprint

Healthy Planet

To keep the planet healthy for people and nature, Mars follows a data-driven, scientific approach to reduce our environmental impact. Our efforts include a 2050 net zero emissions commitment, expanding our use of renewable energy, helping farmers cut water use while increasing crop yield, working to eliminate deforestation and evolving our product packaging to support a circular economy. 


Healthy Planet progress by the numbers:

Our 2020 Scorecard numbers.


Greenhouse gas emissions


Mars SIGP Icons Climate Action RGB@2x.png


reduction since 2015

Our goal: Reduce total greenhouse gas emissions across our value chain by 27% by 2025 and achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050

Unsustainable water use


Mars SIGP Icons Water Stewardship RGB@2x.png


reduction since 2015

Our goal: Eliminate unsustainable water use in our value chain, starting with a 50% reduction by 2025


Land use


Mars SIGP Icons Land Management RGB@2x.png


reduction since 2015

Our goal: Hold flat the total land area associated with our value chain 



Mars SIGP Icons Circular Packaging RGB@2x.png

21.7% recyclable, reusable, compostable
1.9% less virgin plastic

Our goal: Developing packaging that is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 and decrease virgin plastic use 25% by 2025.

* Tracked against 2015 baseline.      † Tracked against 2019 baseline.


thriving people hero
Thriving People

How we support individuals’ rights and livelihoods

Thriving People

Our business, Associates and the communities where we operate will thrive for generations to come only if we help the millions of people who contribute to our success thrive as well. We are committed to respecting human rights throughout our value chain, starting with areas where we have the most influence, and where we can have the greatest impact on people’s rights, opportunities and livelihoods via multiple programs and with key partners.

Thriving People progress by the numbers:

Our 2020 Scorecard


Improving human rights and income

Mars Incorporated icons one color group large RGB.png

people reached

Our goal: Farmers, workers, women and children covered by programs designed to improve human rights and incomes.

Farmer income

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png


Our goal:  Help increase farmers’ incomes with programs that combine good agricultural practices, access to inputs, the latest plant science and/or other ongoing engagement.


Human rights

Mars SIGP Icons Respecting Human Rights RGB Large.png

100% Human Rights Due Diligence

Our goal:  Human rights due diligence (HRDD) activated in all Mars manufacturing sites; people covered with programs to improve conditions in supplier factories; and households covered in our cocoa supply chain with systems to prevent and address child labor.

Women's empowerment

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png


Our goal: Women engaged in cocoa and mint supply chains through income programs with a focus on interventions that boost their savings rates and develop entrepreneurial skills


Nourishing Wellbeing
Nourishing Wellbeing

How we help people and their pets lead healthier lives


Nourishing Wellbeing

Good nutrition, health and wellbeing are essential for billions of people and pets around the world to lead happier, healthier lives. These things are also key to our growth. We use our global reach to support the wellness of Mars Associates, enhance our products’ quality and nutrition, and provide more people around the world with access to healthy meals

Nourishing Wellbeing by the numbers:

Our 2020 Scorecard


Healthy meals

Mars SIGP Icons Product Renovation RGB Large@2x.png

1.2 billion

Our goal: We have exceeded our ambition to deliver 1 billion more healthy meals on dinner tables around the world by 2021.*

Transparent information

Mars SIGP Icons Responsible Marketing RGB Large@2x.png

99% placement compliance
97% content compliance

Our goal:  In our top 13 markets, achieve at least 97% media placement compliance across TV, other broadcast channels, digital and social media, and achieve at least 95% media content compliance.++


Associate health & wellness


Mars SIGP Icons A Heath + Wellbeing RGB 2@2x.png

64% of sites

Our goal: Increase the proportion of large (>100 Associates) Mars sites worldwide with the 10 fundamentals of a healthy, energizing work culture established to at least 95% by 2023.**

Science-backed food saftey


Mars SIGP Icons Food Safety RGB Large@2x.png

19 published scientific reports, presentations and posters

Our goal: The Mars Global Food Safety Center invests in, explores and develops science and technology solutions to help address the most pressing challenges facing the global food supply chain.

* Tracked against 2015 baseline.      ** Tracked against 2017 level.      ++ Learn more about responsible marketing

Supply Chain
Materials & supply chain

We’re accelerating our efforts to stop deforestation