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CocoaVia™ Offers More Benefits for Brain and Cardiovascular Health

When it comes to your health, genetics are only part of the picture. In fact, the choices we make each day have a major impact on our health and wellbeing. One of those vital decisions is choosing what foods we eat. 

But there’s a big difference between being well-fed and healthy. 

At Mars Edge, it’s our Purpose and our passion to create better lives through nutrition. This is why we launched a new, higher-strength version of CocoaVia™, our cocoa extract dietary supplement that supports heart and brain health by promoting healthy blood flow.

More than 20 years of rigorous research on cocoa flavanols shows that consuming more cocoa flavanols is better for your blood vessels, by relaxing them to support improved blood flow to every part of your body. So, we’ve recently increased the concentration of flavanols in CocoaVia™ from 375mg to 450mg per serving, the highest level available in any supplement in the United States.

Our research also shows that taking CocoaVia™ supplements is a smart way to get the heart and brain boost these bioactives can provide. Here’s why: Even though chocolate is a tasty treat, the chocolate-making process damages the flavanols’ delicate structures. So chocolate — even the different varieties of dark chocolate — may or may not contain any flavanols at all. And there’s no way to tell. Chocolate also has fat, carbs and calories. Which means to consume the right level of flavanols (which aren’t necessarily in chocolate in the first place), you have to eat a lot of it.

By comparison, a daily serving of CocoaVia™ capsules has 450 mg of flavanols, five calories and zero grams of fat, which makes CocoaVia™ a guaranteed, convenient choice to show your heart, brain and entire body some love.

The higher concentration means you will find a greater amount of health benefits from cocoa flavanols in just two capsules per serving instead of three. CocoaVia™ also comes in stick packs (powdered mix-ins) in four flavors: Unsweetened Dark Chocolate, Sweetened Dark Chocolate, Original and Cran-Raspberry that you easily can add to coffee, your daily smoothie, bottled water or even yogurt or oatmeal at breakfast.

We listened to people who love CocoaVia™ and updated our packaging to highlight our clear focus on brain and heart health. We also made our bottles recyclable to reduce our impact on environment.

When it comes to making changes to improve your overall health, every step in the right direction counts. And we’re proud to play a role to make the food (and supplements!) people want to provide the health benefits that matter most.

Learn more at and watch our quick video on how CocoaVia™ helps improve both physical and cognitive performance. 


Three-pack box of CocoaVia equals more health benefits


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