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Nourishing Wellbeing

At Mars, we are committed to nourishing wellbeing by delivering products and services that are trusted and enjoyed, and in turn enabling people and their pets to live healthier, happier lives. By nourishing wellbeing today, we help build the world we want tomorrow: for our Associates in our workplaces, for our consumers across our marketplaces, and beyond into our supply chains across the world. We do this by helping our workforce to thrive, by enabling consumers to make informed choices for themselves, their families and their pets, and by working to make safe food available to all. And we do so, always, by encouraging a smile. 

Nourishing Wellbeing Marketplace

Our Workplaces

We’re raising the bar with our holistic and evidence-based initiatives aimed to create a stronger culture of health and wellbeing at our worksites. Our Mars Be Well program is designed to help our Associates add energy to their days and healthy years to their lives through enterprise-wide efforts that address global wellbeing needs, as well as local, tailored programs to meet specific health needs.

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Our Marketplaces

Our commitment to nourishing wellbeing is centered on delivering products and services that are trusted and enjoyed. This includes providing high-quality and transparent information across our entire food portfolio to enable consumers to make informed choices for themselves and their family, and continuously improving the nutritional content of our products. In Petcare, we are committed to improving the lives of the 400 million pets around the world through high-quality nutrition and accessible medical care to products backed by science as well as technology to help understand and support pets’ specific nutritional and activity needs.

Nourishing Wellbeing Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain

We aim to support the wellbeing of people across the global food supply chain by enabling best practice to produce safe, nutritious and enjoyable food. We are committed to doing all we can to help improve the global food supply chains that we all rely upon to nourish wellbeing for a better tomorrow. 

Our policies on food safety and security