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We know the power of dinnertimes. It’s more than just what is on our plates. We know that what we eat, where it comes from and who we share it with are important. We believe a better world tomorrow is one where more people have access to healthy meals; more people cook and sit down together to enjoy shared dinnertimes; and more food can be produced with less. 

That’s why we’re setting out a bold ambition to deliver 5.5 billion healthy meals by 2025 and to:

  • Be the champion of shared meals.
  • Open access to better food.
  • Drive our brands’ purposes with consumer, customers and partners 
A nutritious meal made with Mars Food products

Open Access to Better Food

We want to ensure good nutrition is never compromised by convenience. Our new Purpose commitments hold us accountable.

Friends enjoying a meal together

Be the Champion of Shared Meals

We will drive awareness and action about the societal health benefits of dinnertime, partnering with stakeholders and customers, so that more people enjoy the advantages of sharing a meal with the people they care about most. 

Dolmio Pasta Vita product on a shelf

Drive Our Brands’ Purposes with Consumer, Customers and Partners

We'll use the power and scale of our best-loved dinnertime brands to go beyond great-tasting food and take action to effect lasting change.

All of our brands will make a meaningful and measurable difference by committing to more inclusive, sustainable and responsible business practices.

Our Business & Family of Brands

Mars Food is a segment of family-owned Mars, Incorporated and headquartered in London. We have over 1,500 Associates united by delivering our Purpose: Better Food Today. A Better World Tomorrow.

Our ambition is to create the world’s fastest-growing dinner company by providing people with healthy, easy, affordable and, of course, delicious meals.

Our best-loved dinnertime brands include BEN’S ORIGINAL™, MASTERFOODS™, SEEDS OF CHANGE™, TASTY BITE™ and DOLMIO™. Mars Food has 13 brands produced across the world and available in more than 30 countries.

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Mars Food

Abu Siouf

Quality rice distributed in the Middle East.

Connect With Abu Siof

Mars Food

Ben’s Original™

"Making rice convenient and tasty for over half a century." From its traditional long grain rice, to easy and convenient microwaveable rice, to a range of delicious ethnic sauces the whole family will love, Ben’s Original™ products are easy to prepare and can form part of a delicious balanced meal.

Visit the Ben’s Original™ Brand Site (U.S.) 


Dolmio Logo
Dolmio Logo
Mars Food


DOLMIO® sauces are the spark that brings your family to the table. They give you a quick and convenient way to deliver a healthy nutritious meal with tastes inspired by Italy and flavors the whole family will enjoy.

Visit the Dolmio Brand Site 


Mars Food


Ebly® is durum wheat pre-cooked for tenderness and ease of preparation. Ebly® offers the authentic pleasure of eating whole grains of wheat full of natural goodness and has many nutritional benefits.

Visit the Ebly Brand Site 

Connect With Elby

Kan Tong Logo
Kan Tong Logo
Mars Food


KAN TONG® Sauces use only the highest quality ingredients. KAN TONG® Stir Fry Sauces, Simmer Sauces and Inspirations Recipe Bases are made in Australia.

Visit the Kan Tong Brand Site 

MasterFoods Logo
MasterFoods Logo
Mars Food


MASTERFOODS® — one of Australia's largest and best-loved food brands — has inspired creativity in Aussie kitchens for more than 60 years with its leading range of herbs and spices, recipe bases, table sauces, marinades, mustards, relishes and finishing sauces.

Visit the MasterFoods Brand Site (Australia)


Miracoli Logo
Miracoli Logo
Mars Food


For more than 50 years, the pasta meals and sauces of MIRACOLI® have provided original Italian taste for the whole family. Try our popular Original Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce and Secret Spice Mix and many more delicious varieties.

Visit the Miracoli Brand Site (Germany) 


Mars Food


PAMESELLO® is a delicious grated cheese that will give your pasta dishes that extra Italian flavor.

Mars Food


The RÁRIS® product line offers nutrition and health through whole grains. The RÁRIS® brand has been available in Brazil since 1981. With a special selection of whole grain mixes, RÁRIS® delivers delicious, nutritious products with a significant amount of fiber and other healthy benefits.

Visit the RÁRIS® Brand Site

Royco Logo
Royco Logo
Mars Food


Since the 1960s, Royco® has been helping moms make tasty, family-favorite meals. With such a wide range of products to choose from, including thickeners, soups, sauces, gravies, marinades and cook-in-sauces, there is a Royco® for every meal. Royco® — delicious every time.

Visit the Royco Brand Site (South Africa) 

Seeds of Change Logo
Seeds of Change Logo
Mars Food


SEEDS OF CHANGE® reconnects consumers with where real food comes from, offering a variety or rice and grains and ethnic sauces that are 100-percent organic.

Visit the Seeds of Change Brand Site 


Suzi Wan Logo
Suzi Wan Logo
Mars Food


Since 1978, Mars Food brand Suzi Wan® offers a wide range of ready-made meals, sauces, relishes and cooking aids to help you prepare delicious exotic dishes — quick and easily. There’s a whole world of authentic tastes to discover.

Visit the Suzi Wan Brand Site 


Tasty Bite Logo
Tasty Bite Logo
Mars Food


For close to 25 years, Tasty Bite® has been making fast, flavorful and all natural ethnic food - including entrées, sauces and rices - to delight consumers. And since we believe that good food shouldn't come at the expense of people or the planet, we proudly give back to the community and environment we operate in.

Visit the Tasty Bite Brand Site 


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