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Deforestation Action Overview

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The world's forests don't just provide benefits to animals and communities — they're known as the lungs of the planet and a critical part of the solution to climate change. We know we have a big impact on the world and a responsibility to make sure we do right for the many landscapes and communities where we work and live. We source some of our key ingredients from heavily forested countries, and we are taking bold action to stop deforestation and its impact on local communities.

While these changes take time, we’re taking responsibility now to set the standards that protect the forests of tomorrow, with the hard work we do today. Our efforts to engage partner countries, peer companies and suppliers to collectively stop deforestation driven by key crops, such as cocoa, along with our pioneering efforts to improve agricultural practices, are a great start. And we are using our influence so that others will be motivated to make bold changes as well.

Deforestation & Land Use Change Position

Our Approach to Cocoa

Our aim is to achieve no gross deforestation in our worldwide cocoa supply chain.

Our Approach to Pulp and Paper

Our goal is to have a sustainable supply chain for all pulp- and paper-based packaging materials sourced by Mars.

Our Approach to Palm Oil

We are committed to developing a fully sustainable and traceable palm oil supply chain.

Our Approach to Beef

Our goal is to ensure that beef used in Mars products does not encroach on the Amazon region.

Our Approach to Soy

As soy demand increases, we are working to prevent deforestation and reduce our carbon footprint in the sourcing process.

Environmental transparency and accountability are vital to tracking progress towards a thriving, sustainable future. In addition to internal tracking, we share data with CDP, an organization that encourages disclosure of major corporations’ environmental impact.